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About Us

A journey to adopt innovative health practices

RIDE2Med is a non-profit Foundation located in Milan, Italy, founded in July 2023 by a group of experienced Italian professionals in clinical research and medical education.

Our mission centers around life sciences, with a focus on promoting scientific innovation, clinical validation, and raising awareness among healthcare professionals and the public.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage the informed adoption of high-quality innovation for prevention, diagnosis and care.

This mission is implemented through a circular approach, which includes rigorous clinical-scientific validation of innovative health products, combined with training in their correct and informed use by healthcare professionals and the population.

The effective combination of these two aspects is a fundamental prerequisite to drive successful selection programmes for health products of proven usefulness, and to ensure universal equality of access to innovation in healthcare.




Founding Members

Experts in clinical research and medical education




Vice President

Erminio A.



Secretary General

Meet the Scientific Committee

Implementing ideas, and the highest methodological and quality standards

The Scientific Committee brings outstanding scientific expertise within the Foundation’s various areas of interest. It represents a wide range of stakeholders (Institutions, clinicians, researchers, methodologists, patients, etc.).
The Scientific Committee ensures the excellence of the scientific and research input on which the Foundation’s activities depend.

It also provides a thorough technical and consultative underpinning for the Foundation’s annual programme of initiatives, and for any other matters on which the Board of Directors expressly requests the Committee’s opinion.

RIDE2Med aims to promote innovation in the field of life sciences, with digital health as a major area of interest

Our name stands for:

Digital Empowerment


Here's how we're putting our goals into action

RIDE2Med is an accredited CRO (Contract Research Organization)


Clinical Validation

Development of scientific research programs, particularly in clinical research. This involves assessing the effectiveness, safety, and usability of innovative health products, as well as exploring organizational and management-related research topics.


Education (HCPs – Institutions)

Educational, awareness-raising, university and continuing professional education and training initiatives for healthcare professionals, institutional representatives and citizens.


Information (Public)

Cultural and social initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue between public administration, other bodies, entrepreneurs, professionals, academics, associations, research centers and citizens.

Peer-reviewed papers published
100 +
National and international congresses
200 +
Published books

The Story of RIDE2Med

Discover the key moments and milestones of our Foundation

1999 – 2018 – 2022 – 2023

The founders become friends, working closely together and forming a tight-knit group

14 March 2023

The night of the decision to create a non-profit Foundation

5 July 2023

The Foundation's Articles of Association

18 September 2023

The official recognition of the Foundation by the Prefecture of Milan

1 November 2023

The Foundation office at Milan Innovation District - MIND

25 January 2024

RIDE2Med becomes a stakeholder for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and signs a technological and strategic collaboration agreement with Laife Reply

18 March 2024

Stefania Frasson joins the RIDE2Med team as scientific director, and we become an accredited CRO (Contract Research Organization).

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We’re a non profit Foundation working to shape the future of clinical research through digital empowerment.
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Where we are and how to get in touch with us

We are based in MIND, Milan Innovation District – the centre of scientific excellence of the city.

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